At CJ Dentistry, Dr. Luke Joh and our team deliver high-quality oral health solutions that are tailored to you. We seamlessly blend professionalism with warmth: maintaining a pleasant and supportive atmosphere where you will feel at ease.

You will always be treated with the greatest respect and compassion, whether you’re here for a checkup and cleaning, restorative care, or to enhance your smile!


You are unique, with specific clinical concerns, emotional needs, and dental goals. You deserve dental care that is designed to address the whole of who you are and what you seek.

CJ Dentistry provides those personal solutions by focusing on your comfort, health, and wellness.

It begins with the conversation at your initial visit. We will sit and talk about your health history, dental concerns and goals, and ask about your life and hobbies. Next we will take diagnostic images, Dr. Joh will examine your mouth, and he will review his findings with you.

During this conversation, he will explain the treatment options he feels are most appropriate for your situation. Together, you will determine the ideal approach that fits with your life and delivers the best results.

Each subsequent visit will be designed around you: you will never feel like an anonymous number on a chart or set of teeth in a treatment chair, we promise! Instead, you will be greeted by name, we’ll remember what’s important to you, and we’ll look forward to our time together.


There is an intrinsic connection between the health of your mouth and of your body. What happens in one affects the other, so by improving your dental health, you improve your overall wellness — and by taking better care of your body, you boost the health of your mouth.

Dr. Joh and our team understand this interconnection and take time to teach you about it. We will offer plenty of non-judgmental guidance and education, to support and encourage you as you take control of your well-being while also developing a healthier smile!


Located in Scottsdale, CJ Dentistry offers family-friendly care to residents in Phoenix and surrounding communities. Please contact us to learn more and schedule a no-pressure consultation with Dr. Joh and our team.

We all look forward to welcoming you to our dental family. Together, we will achieve the beautifully healthy smile you desire! Please call today.